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Ordering Information
On the next page after clicking continue you will see thumbnail sized representations of your photos. When you click a photo thumbnail, you will be taken to the Order Page where you can add photos and packages to your cart. On the Thumbnail Page you can select multiple photos for purchase by clicking the favorites box under the photos that you like. Once you have selected your favorites you can easily order the same package for each photo by selecting a package at the bottom of the page to order and clicking "Add To Cart". To order different packages simply click one of the photos to be taken to the Order Page. By selecting favorites you can also save an Album for later use or limit the photos that are displayed on the Order Page by selecting 'View Favorites" at the bottom of the page. To move between different photos on the Order Page, select the next and previous arrows above the photo or use the slideshow button to automatically display the photos in sequence. When you find a photo you would like to purchase, select the package and quantity and click “Add to Cart.” Your last item ordered will appear in the cart display on the right. To check out select "Shopping Cart" and follow the prompt to complete your order. You can also add a photo to an album by selecting "Add to Album," or send a photo card to a friend by selecting "Send Photo Card." Thanks for visiting. TNTPIX